Team building & cooking classes

Private dinner


 Discover the power of food and connection with Antonella Barbella:

where team building becomes a joyful feast!



Participating in a cooking class with Antonella Barbella in Amsterdam

provides an opportunity for team members to step away from their usual work routine and engage in a recreational activity. This promotes a healthy work-life balance and allows employees to recharge,

reducing stress levels and enhancing overall well-being.


Enhancing Communication: cooking requires effective communication and coordination among team members.


By participating in a cooking class together, colleagues learn to communicate clearly, delegate tasks, and work in harmony towards a common goal. This improves their ability to communicate and collaborate in the workplace. 




  • Classic Italian menu 3 courses
  • Master class pasta
  • Master class pizza 
  • Chocolate & cakes
  • Vegetarian menu
  • Vegan menu
  • Detox menu
  • Italian desserts
  • Gluten-free / lactose free menu
  • The vibrational field of food menu
  • Wine tasting with Sommelier
  • Oil tasting with a specialist
  • First steps in the kitchen: Help! I never cooked before
  • Menu from my cooking book: 84 recipes from Abruzzo, family recipes



COBO private club

Cooking studio and private dining room


From 12 - 25 guests for team building

40 guests for walking dinner


Marcusstraaat 55

1091 TJ Amsterdam


Within walking to Metro Wibaustraat, 

some parking also on the area around.


Mvr Hamersma Kookwinkel

Cooking studio and private dining room


From 6 - 12 guests for Cooking class

Till 25 guests for dining 


Gerard Doustraat 226

XC Amsterdam


Within walking distance of the Albert Cuyp market and Metro De Pijp.


Hire me in your office space, I have many format according the spaces and the needs