at the time of the Covid19


Volunteer project to support people with integration difficulties, depression and financial difficulties, in collaboration with De Ark of Amsterdam Noord, Diaconie.




STEP 1:cooking meals 

Cooking 50 heathy meals, 1 day a week, distributed via the contacts of De Ark for 6 weeks



STEP 2: cooking workhop (after the lockdown)

4 cooking workshop with healthy recipes

and lesson how to do the intelligent shopping


for groups of 12 people by De Ark


This pro bono project is living with the donations of private people or companies who support us with ingredients and financing donation,

thank you all of you for the generosity!


If you want to contribute please send a mail to 



We thank our sponsors and friends with a big heart for their generous donations!


Appetito  Amsterdam

Olio de Ritis

De Kweker Amsterdam

Paestum Amsterdam