A wellness centre project that I am drawing in the invisible and will soon take its wonderful shape, surprising me with its abundance and extraordinary beauty.


A retreat and residential center for personal growth, healing soul wounds, improving health through healthy eating, cooking, Yoga, Family constellations and Reiki.

Various holistic arts take place in this center, with residents and external collaborators, in my magnificent land of Abruzzo.


Healing by cooking is a holistic-spiritual approach to cooking to stimulate self-healing.

Intended for those seeking a moment of peace, those who want to make a journey of inner growth, 

to those who are looking for themselves and want to spend a short or long time in a quiet environment away from everyday life, to those who have suffered a bereavement or serious loss and are looking for peace support.

The use of organic, zero-km ingredients that contain high vibrations help with cell rejuvenation and support an improvement in the body's general wellbeing. Informed water contributes to hydration and harmonisation of the various levels of consciousness.


The self-production of organic food, with innovative eco-sustainable systems, allows us to feed ourselves with zero-km products, also supported by small local businesses.

It is a co-working and co_living centre where nature sets the pace.

All religions are very welcome, but the centre has no religious orientation.


I'm working to make this dream come true.

Suggestions and support from the heart are welcome.