I spread joyful vitality,
celebrate nourishment
with conscious
and sustainable choices
in the kitchen




Group therapy to improve the quality of teamwork


 Consciously planning next goals


Increasing the potential of 'Human' resources


Discovering the talents of each individual element


Integrating individual talents into the team 


Consciously nourishing oneself


Living in well-being





Participating in a cooking class with Antonella Barbella in Amsterdam provides an opportunity for team members to step away from their usual work routine and engage in a recreational activity.

This promotes a healthy work-life balance and allows employees to recharge,

reducing stress levels and enhancing overall well-being. 


Enhancing Communication: cooking requires effective communication and coordination among team members.

By participating in a cooking class together, colleagues learn to communicate clearly, delegate tasks,

and work in harmony towards a common goal.


This improves their ability to communicate and collaborate in the workplace.






 Celebrating achievements


Reflection and goal-setting


Creative thinking and innovation


Learning and development


 Relaxation and stress relief


Team bonding: an opportunity for your team members to spend focused time together outside of the usual work environment. Get to know each other better, build trust, and develop stronger relationships, which can enhance collaboration and teamwork with the symbology of food.



I tranform the passion of my clients info uniques experiences. 

Elevate the experience for you and your guests with customized menus, excellent selection of ingredients and wine.

I will provide on-site cooking, and take care of all the culinary aspects, allowing you to fully enjoy the occasion without the stress of cooking and entertaining. 




Join me on an unforgettable culinary tour in my home land of Abruzzo:

embrace sustainable living and support local producers!

Indulge your senses and embark on a remarkable culinary journey through The Trabocchi coast, where tradition, sustainability, and the heartbeat of local communities merge in perfect harmony. We invite you to join us on a one-of-a-kind adventure that not only satisfies your taste buds but also nourishes your soul.  



Antonella Barbella, event manager for 30 years, with 15 years of experience in organising and managing team building, personal chef service and catering, in Holland with guests such as: ING, ITA Airways, Booking, TNK, Adidas, Philips, Ronald Mcdonald, Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands.


I have a great vital energy, optimistic to the core, a researcher of alternative healing systems to classical medicine, a passionate scholar of psychosomatics, quantum physics, NLP, symbolism, and I love classical music, healthy and delicious food to share with friends! 

I decided to dedicate myself to the pursuit of happiness in order to improve the quality of life of individuals and communities, at times when I can transfer my experiential empathy of holistic counselling to others, share my Italian lifestyle, inspire joy and transfer my culinary know-how by organising team building in the kitchen, personal chef services at home ecatering.

I have been living in Amsterdam for 16 years. I come from a close-knit family in central Italy, where conviviality was a ritual to celebrate family, many friends, community, and the pleasure of healthy and delicious food.

I have always lived in a provincial town, far from the big city and traffic, with a magnificent view of the Maiella Mountain, 10 minutes from the sea, where you go just to get a breath of air and a coffee. 

Nature with its cycles and seasons has always had a big impact on my lifestyle, the availability of high quality produce is easy in my part of the world, the fruit and vegetables of the farmers who sell the seasonal harvest at the kiosks, the fresh fish of the day that is already sold after 11am, the fresh meats that are cut on the spot as you like them, the bakeries that from 6am offer freshly baked bread and delicacies of all kinds.

Arriving in a big Northern European city was quite an impact, I discovered that here the family is a very small nucleus and we do not meet periodically in that sharing so dear and comforting to which I was accustomed. 

Even at work, among colleagues, there is not that family relationship that unites even after office hours.

I believe that team building is the perfect tool to inspire this conviviality, and my dream in the near future is to welcome with great joy friends, guests and new contacts I have met in the land that has adopted me in the past few years, in an accommodation facility in my wonderful homeland in Abruzzo, immersed in nature, where with an eco-sustainable programme I can produce organic food and host team building and retreats, to grow in the awareness of a healthy body and a serene mind, spreading harmony, peace and love with many holistic arts.


“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” -Plato







I cook with awareness and ethics inspired by scientific research on Masaru Emoto's water memory, Simoneton's vibrational field of food and the symbolism of food in epigenetics.

I promote the local economy by using products from small family farms.

I promote the use of vegetable sources which make up 80 per cent of my menus, thus contributing to a local economy and avoiding pollution from animal farms.

I favour short, fat-free cooking that enhances the raw material.

I consciously use herbs making the most of their properties to promote health and well-being.

I mainly use ancient whole grains that evoke ancient rituals and ancestral symbolism.

I avoid the use of the 5 white poisons: flour, refined sugar, salt, pasteurised cow's milk, white rice, preferring whole foods and alternative natural sweeteners.

I procure food in measured quantities to avoid waste and recycle every edible part with creativity and imagination.

I promote a balanced diet as a fundamental support for a state of psychophysical well-being,

to combat depression, anxiety, diabetes and obesity.

I support employees from the weaker social classes, promoting their inclusion in the work environment.

I strictly follow the Haccp system for food cleaning and storage.

I use environmentally friendly cleaning products and self-produce some with natural ingredients and essential oils.  


My social engagement in the Amsterdam Noord community started during the covid period,

and continues with many projects together with different organisations such as:

Hart voor Noord, Zinning Noord, De Diaconie, De Ark.




And now a bit of history!


Showcooking, beurzen en evenementen, de meerwaarde van professionele presentatie
Showcooking, beurzen en evenementen, de meerwaarde van professionele presentatie

Mijn kookboek, 84 recepten uit Abruzzo
Mijn kookboek, 84 recepten uit Abruzzo
Magazine article, tv interview, congress
Magazine article, tv interview, congress
Vrijwilligerswerk met kinderen
Vrijwilligerswerk met kinderen

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