Delicious recipes, elegantly presented  with sensational taste!

With a professional service your dining room becomes an elegant restaurant.


How it works?

I will take care of your kitchen, even if only for a day and I’ll turn it into a 5-star restaurant, will be a great honor for me! Coming with all the needed tools, shopping and wine, fresh ingredients of the highest quality, organic, biological, and local specialities, I will prepare tasty recipes with an impressive presentation, to surprise you and your guests with the best of the Italian cuisine, bringing the authentic italian atmosphere of an happy italian cooking at your home! From the moment that I will get in your kitchen I will be the one in charge to care about you and your guests, paying attention to details and taking care of each guest, to create an unique and unforgettable event.

At the end of the dinner I will live you with the intimacy of your guest, with the last glasses of wine on the table and a clean kitchen!


I am very attentive to special diets, food allergies, intolerances, glutenfree, vegetarian, vegan, raw food, Kosher, Halal.



Ask me for a menu and I'll make a personalized offer according to your needs!





" Stephanie Hi Antonella, thank you very much for hosting our bachelor's party last saturday.

Everybody has enjoyed themselves very much. I really like the way you combine everything:

the cooking, a bit of wine tasting, entertainment & creating a good atmosphere 

with a real italian touch! all these ingredients made it a great evening and an unforgettable experience ..."


International chef

I love to travel and visit new countries, discover new cultures and ingredients, meet new people and take care of them!


I live in Amsterdam and travel often abroad.

I can reach any destination in the world, just for just a weekend or for a longer period, contact me for an appointment, we can discuss details together.

Recently I was in New York, New Jersey, Paris, Lisbon, Turin, Milan and Rome to cook with my passion.


Since I will arrive at your home I will take care of you, your friends, your family with the italian warm style, creating a positive atmosphere, cooking great meals with local ingredients and a lot of happiness and love.





 A few of my happy clients are: