Symbolism of food & Alchemy 


Carezza day was created by merging the experiences of hospitality with Italian style, healthy cuisine and psychophysical well-being with a project of Haart van Noord to promote neighbourly relations within Buurthuis. Conviviality moments to celebrate achievements, get to know each other better, create and increase trust, develop stronger relationships, which can improve collaboration and teamwork a collaboration team for the Buurtverbinders of Amsterdam Noord.


Now developed as Healing By Cooking Method also for companies with modules that can be supplemented with customised programmes, to offer our guests the feeling of being pampered in all senses, to make them feel at ease and to learn useful notions for everyday healthy and sustainable living.

A location outside the daily grind and the city, surrounded by nature, but not too far from Amsterdam.


A welcoming programme to involve all the senses: smell, touch, sight, taste, hearing with different activities that promote learning and development, social integration, relaxation and stress reduction, the discovery of each individual's talents and their integration into the work team, with the symbology of food.


From the moment you arrive, you are immersed in an oasis of well-being, relaxation, abundance, solidarity, collaboration. We serve 3 main meals with breakfast, lunch and a luxury dinner, 3 coffee breaks, with selected, fresh, healthy and colourful ingredients, also using farm ingredients such as eggs and freshly milked organic raw milk.



We have 7 workshop modules:


1. Introductory reading with meditation and music 432 HZ

2. Cooking class -workshop with ancient grains: bread and focaccia, painting colors with fresh ingredients

3. Cooking class - cooking workshop with fresh milk: fresh primosale cheese

4. Workshop on making body soap with extra virgin olive oil and essential oils

5. Course in self-massage with experienced therapists

6. Nature walk with the farmer among the farm's guest cows

7. Milking cows


Min. 12 max 25participants 

From € 3.400


Boerderij de StadsHoeve

Albert en Angela Hoeve

Zunderdorpergouw 29

1027 AT Amsterdam - Zunderdorp


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On the outskirts of Amsterdam is a beautiful rural area where our farm has stood since 1861. Albert was born here , as were his father, grandfather and his great-grandfather. Angela, was not born here but have lived here most of her life. Their children were born here and now also work on the farm.


They milk 30 beautiful Dutch cows every day and a flock of sheep graze in the fields. In March, the sheep have lambs and the beautiful wooden stables hold calves all year round. In the yard, Bink and Bommel, our pigs, happily scratch around among the chickens and horses. But behind the wooden fence, otherwise they enjoy our vegetable gardens too much, which is not quite the intention. The cows are outside most of the year and only come to the stable to be milked. In winter, they are comfortable in the barn, where they can lie in the straw.


The farm has been biodynamic for decades and you can see that when you look over the land, there is not only grass growing but also lovely herbs and flowers.


To keep things properly dynamic, you will often see visitors scurrying around our yard. We give farm lessons to schoolchildren from Amsterdam. They really get to work with us so they can experience life on a farm first-hand.

The children from the day-care centre also have their chores on the farm and often play in the haystack.