Take out your team's hidden power!


 A workshop, a dinner, a unique experience.   A moment of growth for your company,  to enhance performance and discover the hidden talents of your team

Develop your legitimate talent!

As in ancient science, lead was transformed into gold so in this moments of aggregation we will transform negative energies in a very powerful weapon of success. With the true intention to grow, improve  performance and be winning!

The team leaders


International chef

Team building & food experience with the Vibrational field of food with the Power of being happy



Talent and color consultant

Creation of alchemical relationships and the ancient codes of knowledge at the service of companies



17,00 Arrivalof guests and welcome drink with finger food 

17,30 Presentation of the workshop and creation of 2 groups

Group 1 ) Masterclass pasta
Group 2) Masterclass colours 

18,00 Beginning of activities & workshops

18,45 Switch of the groups

19,30 Dinner served on the table with wine arrangement

22,30 Greetings and closing event

Description of activities & workshop


Master Class pasta workshop with "The power of the vibrational field of food"

Antonella Barbella

1.     Spaghetti alla chitarra with an ancient tool from Abruzzo coloured with natural ingredients: yellow and green

2.     Ravioli – filled pasta coloured with naturel ingredients: red & white


Masterclass "The colour therapy"

Samya Ilaria di Donato

3.     Awareness use of colors – the ancient code of knowledge 


Event in Amsterdam hosted by The Network Kitchen, Marcusstraat, 55

Min 25- max 50 guests 

Price from € 80,00 p.p.


For more informations, details for the menu and agenda contact us on info@antonellabarbella.com

Dinner prepared with:




 Vibrational power of being happy!